Course curriculum

    1. What's Covered in the Course

    2. Check and Optimize Performance

    1. Getting Started: The Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and Commands

    1. Copying and Moving Data

    2. Moving and Copying Worksheets

    3. Hide and Split Columns and Rows

    1. Working with Workbooks and Worksheets

    2. File and Workbook

    3. Using Save and Save As (Part 1)

    4. Using Save and Save As (Part 2)

    5. Using Undo and Redo

    1. Functions: Getting Started

    2. Formula by Example with AI

    1. AutoFit, AutoFill, Absolute Reference, Working with Columns and Rows, and Merge Cells

    2. AutoFill Text, Dates, and Numbers

    3. AutoFill quiz

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